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Forumotion is the best

Forumotion is the best hosting provider.
- You can customize your domain name for free
- Html, CSS, and Js in avanced and simple mode
- Backup of your data possible via a founder too
- Regular updates
- Many features like chat box, newsletter, RP
- Support and service in many languages
- Staff available 24/7
- Importation of an external forum allowed
- All is free

Drawback (few)
- no access to the database

So for me, it is the best choice to make

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yEs This Is True Forumotion

yEs This Is True

Forumotion is the best
Forumotion In the 1# Crown

Forumotion is The Best


Pros: Easy to use and to


Easy to use and to navigate the admin panel
Excellent Support Service
No restrictions on number of users/posts and activity

No direct suggestions feedback
Less features in comparison to some other hosts.
Summary: Forumotion is a powerful free hosting service which meets the demands of someone wishing to create a stable free forum in a matter of seconds. Forumotion forums do not have any usage caps which many other free hosts do, you can have unlimited members and posts and therefore it is an excellent platform for someone wishing to start a community without the fear of later having to find somewhere else to go once the community grows large. Forumotion also offers free forum support so even if you're new to the world of forum creation and are struggling you can find free support on their friendly support forum. The Admin panel is very easy to navigate and while the lack of built in features may disappoint you, their are a number of communities dedicated to expanding the number of features a forum can have via coding.

Overall Forumotion is one of the best Forum hosting website available on the web and I implore anyone who wishes to create a free forum host to check this one out.


Proboards is really awesome.

Proboards is really awesome. I have been using them since 2002 something for my forum needs and the new designs are awesome. Splendid design community allows you to post your own work on themes and submit it and pursuit your dreams in web site design among peers and others.
Always a good time on proboards. Crown Proboards is the crown of the internet, an instant gem.


XenForo really deserves more

XenForo really deserves more credit for how amazing it is. I love the layout and features, it can look really nice when built properly. Here are some links to examples of amazing XenForo forums. I really do love it.

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