Vote for the Best Commercial Forum Software of 2010

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Invision Power Board
63% (411 votes)
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Total votes: 649
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Why would anyone want to vote

Why would anyone want to vote for vBulletin? Internet Brands has jacked up their prices for vB 4.0 and still charges extra for additional features such as blogs and a photo gallery. UBB.threads 8.0 will include these features at no additional cost. Furthermore, Rick Baker treats his customers far better than Internet Brands does. Internet Brands is all in it for your money!


I actually dropped IPB to go

I actually dropped IPB to go with UBB...had considered VB but with the price hike no way...just don't think there is that much there for such a huge price increase. Besides the support with UBB has been awesome and they are johnny on the spot when you have a problem! Would not even consider going elsewhere now!


UBB.Threads was here first,

UBB.Threads was here first, it'll be here last... Even through the "price hikes" of all of the others "due to the economy" (when they're market leaders) Rick lowered the price of the UBB...

Now, who cares about their users, he who lowers the price to help everyone, or they who hike it up to squeeze every morsel out of their users...

I'll continue my relationship with the UBB versus companies who steal code then adapt it and sell out the first chance they get.


Actually, IPB hasn't had a

Actually, IPB hasn't had a price increase since 2.2 came out in 2006. Even then, at least previous users were grandfathered from the price adjustments.


IPB ftw!

IPB ftw!


How is UBB doing so well? I

How is UBB doing so well? I didn't think anyone really used it, let alone it could compare to IPB or vBulletin. Is this site biased towards UBB recently or something?


UBB.threads has superior

UBB.threads has superior customer service compared to both IPB and vBulletin. UBB.threads 8.0 will be the best forum software ever!


What? So what you're saying


So what you're saying is that if "IPB or vBulletin" are challenged, then this site is biased.....?

Listen to yourself Laughing out loud


Yes, we all know who is

Yes, we all know who is really biased!


Considering I switched from

Considering I switched from vB to IPB despite a long last fanboy attitude towards the former for years, I'm not biased. And whoever the heck thought the 'notify me when new comments are posted' thing was good to be set as on by default really needs to reconsider their decision (*looks at nine emails saying about responses in inbox*)

But it's just a question, considering I've never on any admin site I've joined seen a high population of people using UBB Threads. And I frequent about six forums for forum admins.


Just because UBB.threads has

Just because UBB.threads has a lower market share doesn't automatically make it an inferior product. Rick Baker has been the lead developer for it since 1997 when it was known as WWWThreads. In 2001, WWWThreads was acquired by Infopop (later Groupee, and now Social Strata), owners of the original Perl/Flat-file Ultimate Bulletin Board (UBB), and thus WWWThreads became known as UBB.threads, with the original UBB taking on the name UBB.classic.

Now, what I believe was the biggest mistake made by Infopop's management was that they didn't put enough resources into UBB.threads, instead choosing to market two internally competing forum software packages. There was no real reason to keep UBB.classic, as UBB.threads was clearly a superior forum software package as it used PHP/MySQL. However, UBB.classic was cannibalizing UBB.threads sales, and as a result, most people who were willing to use a PHP/MySQL forum solution chose to go with vBulletin or other software packages. Infopop/Groupee/Social Strata eventually decided to pull the plug on UBB.classic in 2006, and finally this year, sold UBB.threads to Mindraven, with developer Rick Baker assuming full management of the software package.


Quote:ust because UBB.threads

ust because UBB.threads has a lower market share doesn't automatically make it an inferior product. Rick Baker has been the lead developer for it since 1997 when it was known as WWWThreads.

True, but being in the market for longer with no real competing userbase speaks loads about the overall product.

To argue that the customer service is superior can be both proven and disproven, depending on if you want to be realistic about it or just go by a couple of raw numbers.

If one user out of roughly 100 has a problem and that problem is responded to within 30 minutes and then fixed within a day.. "Oh wow, only one person doing it and look at how fast they responded..." Yeah, smaller customer base should mean faster responses.

Being realistic though, you consider having over 100k customers, then if 1k submit a ticket in a day, then to get a response within 8 hours and a fix within a day, when it's less than 1 customer rep per 100 people, that paints a different picture. Substantially more customers and more tickets, with a small ratio of customer service people, but with excellent response times (considering the theoretical number of tickets), to convert that to UBB, would mean that that a 30 min response would be outrageously long.

Basically, a simple claim of 'superior' service is an empty claim because with a lower customer count, it should be an expectation and not a claim.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking UBB or it's creator. Only pointing out that it's very easy to make claims with such a low membership.


IP.Board rocks!


IP.Board is one of the best

IP.Board is one of the best forum software apps out there.
I have never heard of UBB.threads before today, and vBulletin has so many problems in it its not a joke anymore.


However, UBB.threads has far

However, UBB.threads has far superior customer service. That is why UBB.threads must win.


Okay I get the costumers

Okay I get the costumers service UBB.threads is great and all but look at a screenshot of UBB.threads, then look at IP.Board, IP.Board looks way better and seems way newer.


How would you know? Have you

How would you know? Have you honestly tried IP.Board in both its service and ticket support? We're not Internet Brands, just get that one straight. Let's at least agree on that. To be honest with you, free options like MyBB are right now better than vBulletin on the back end (vBulletin has the worst backend). As for UBB.Threads, I did honestly try the demo with an open mind and I didn't find it bad. I just find it needs a bit of modernization and a bit better-quality images.

Although I voted for IPB because they have always tried to progress. Integrating SEO features, Twitter Connect, and improving Facebook Connect are some of the many things integrated into 3.1. Mecham and the crew don't really put things they want, they put in what we want. However, there's a side of me that would actually prefer a free option. The only thing I don't really like is when someone votes as a fanboy, not trying out other options in fair and unbiased matter.


Modernization/images will be

Modernization/images will be the big thing planned for UBB.threads 8.0. Rick Baker has posted some screenshots in this thread:


At least you're finally

At least you're finally getting a plugin system. Most of them already have it (except phpBB).


IPB all the way!!! I had

IPB all the way!!!

I had never heard of UBB.Threads until today, and clicking the link to their site was like stepping back to when I first started with forums 10 years ago... ahhh the memories.


Well, I can guarantee you

Well, I can guarantee you that UBB.threads 8.0 will be one of the greatest revolutions in UBB.threads history.


I'm sure it will be, but

I'm sure it will be, but remember this. We're not vBulletin. We're at least better than that.

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IP.Board wins paws down. lots

IP.Board wins paws down. lots of people are saying "uBB has better support." and stuff like that, I disagree. UBB is a simpler piece of software, and not nearly as feature-packed as IPB or vB, therefore it's much easier to support.


Since when does number of

Since when does number of features equate to superior technical support? That is totally false; Rick Baker is very quick in solving problems for UBB.threads. Sounds like anti-UBB bias to me!


Well look at yourself before

Well look at yourself before saying the word Bias.


One guy compared to an entire

One guy compared to an entire team at IPB and vB ?

right... Puzzled


What do you mean? Rick Baker

What do you mean? Rick Baker has hired additional developers since UBB.threads was sold to his company Mindraven. Still, Rick Baker responds to issues much faster than the IPB/vB developers, and that is a fact, not an opinon.


So, Rick Baker is online 24

So, Rick Baker is online 24 hours a day answering every single question sent to him within 2-3 hours?

I find that hard to believe.

IPS have staff from America, Italy and United Kingdom answering support requests within a few hours of submission.


That's still the common

That's still the common misconception is that it's still just one guy. During the Groupee/Infopop days that was true, but since Rick acquired it at the first of the year there are multiple people developing and handling support. Besides that, I'm not sure why this whole topic page turned into something so argumentative, as long as VB isn't #1 anymore, it's all good.


If a person votes for a piece

If a person votes for a piece of software, the opposing person will say that person X is biased.

I have used every forum software listed in this poll EXCEPT for MesDiscussions and Lithium.

UBB.Threads is powerful software to say the least. It has been around forever, and lots of people love it. In my opinion, the community over there is the best, and the support is fantastic to say the least. But good support + a good community does not make UBB.Theads a better piece of software than another piece of software; casting a vote towards UBB.Threads based on their community support seems a little fanboyish to me. I have used UBB.Threads and have been acustomed to it. It is great software, but with the web rolling into a Web 2.0 basis; and users becoming adapted to more modernized features, I did not vote for UBB.Threads. UBB.Threads lacks a lot of features, and it is not attractive at all anymore. I have been a web designer for some time; and companies want the user to be intrigued. A better looking site will get more users' attention - it is a fact. I'm not saying that a good community won't keep users; but a good LOOKING community will get new user attention. Think in terms of HTML... what stands out more? h1 or i?
i would be UBB in this case, whereas H1 would be another software.
The UBB.Threads administrative panel is to the point; which is nice at times, but it feels out of sync.

Conclusion: I would use UBB.Threads for maybe a site enclosed to people I am in contact with in real life. Maybe a site to talk business with my co-workers. I would definitely not use UBB.Threads for anything commercial, or to say the least; try to run a community off of it. UBB.Threads was a fantastic board for a long time, but it slowed down and has died for me.

UltraBB to me, is a retro IPB. I really like the looks of it, and the layout of the system is a little different then everything else. It has a unique taste, and UltraBB is something I have actually used. The skins system is flexible, and you can actually make some interesting looking communities out of the product. There was a few downsides to UltraBB for me; mod support, the admin panel, and the [u]notorious[/u] use of how they layout subforums. I remember I said I liked the unique layout; yes, of the topics and post listings + content, but the way subforums are integrated makes the board out of sync in some instances; and as for developing my own skins, the subforums were always the frown of my time to work with.

Conclusion: I would use UltraBB if it was not 2010. This board is great, but there are much better solutions than this $100 piece of software. I like FULL control of my board, and I am unable to get it through UltraBB.

vBulletin dominated IPB up until v3 (of vBulletin). I've always known vBulletin as powerful software, not only on an administrative end-point, but also for us coders. vBulletin and its support for skins and mods has always made me gleeful and in a coding happy mood, but as they kept on updating, I was less satisfied. The company of vBulletin has bogged their product down, and made it more difficult to work with over time. That is never the goal of the manufacturer; and while their hook system now is quite impressive, vBulletin not only lacks features; but the features that it does have is not setup as it should have been. Their "CMS" is a joke, and is a rip off of some classic portals.

Conclusion: I would use vBulletin if they fixed some things. They still have a shot at being the best in terms of forum software; but they need to re-think their strategy on their CMS, let alone, other things. I'm not factoring this into my vote or my opinion, but I am just saying (for the support fanboys) that when I purchased vBulletin via PayPal, I did not receive my software until 5 days after my purchase.

IPB has been great software for some time. It started off as freeware, and progressed into shareware (for obvious reasons). Come IPB v2, was when I fell in love with IPB. IMO, IPB 2.3 > vBulletin v4. Sure, v4 has more features, but IPB 2.3 has better functionality and again, is easier to work with for us coders. The layout for IPB has always been to the point; and it eventually got so versatile that coders have started making heavy skins for it, such as "Are you sure this is IPB?". IPB has the best site-integration available, and the databasing scheme is flexible, along with modules IPB includes toll free.

IPB v3 really did it for me. IPB3 is honestly the best forum software available (for money, at least). vBulletin 5 will be what IPB3 is. IPB3 is 100% web 2.0 in terms of interactions with social networks and user interactivity. I digged the hooks system in vB, but IPB3's hooks + apps system kills all.

Conclusion: In today's standards, I would use IPB3 due to its reliability, its interactivity with the community, and its flexibility with coders.

I am not a fanboy; I have used all the other forum softwares LONGER THAN I HAVE USED IPB. In my honest opinion, if you are willing to pay money; you want to spend your money on what will benefit your community the most.

UBB.threads --> just about the same as IPB, and you get way less.
UltraBB --> About $50 less than IPB; with $50 less, you get a "retro IPB", with less features.
vBulletin --> The most expensive forum software listed. In my opinion, way overpriced, and, not flexible enough for what it is supposed to offer.
IPB --> Right in the middle of all the board's pricing. Perfect flexibility, reliable, and what forum software should be.

My vote: IPB 3

That of course is for the shareware world. I actually support freeware and the opensource. Go get phpBB or MyBB if you don't want to spend any money. Smile


You should really try

You should really try UBB.threads 8.0 when it is released.


How can we vote on threadsv8

How can we vote on threadsv8 if threadsv8 isn't even out yet?

I WILL try it, but I won't vote on it.


Not meant to be an

Not meant to be an argumentative reply, as you make many great and valid points. The one thing that UBB.threads has going for it is that for the base price you get everything, forum and photo gallery currently, blogs and cms coming, instead of having to purchase additional pieces.

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Here's my vote for Threads.

Here's my vote for Threads. Been getting the job done for many years, and many more to come. I honestly believe that some decent market share will return to the UBB over the next year or two.


IP.Board has got to be the

IP.Board has got to be the best, I have tried UBB, vb3 and vb4 and IPB.

I have never had an issue with support from ipb or ubb, vb3 was great, but vb4 was ruined with so many bugs.

Atleast from what I have seen with the time I have been with IPB is that they care for what they're customers actually want, vb/internet brands don't listen.

Don't compare what features or support software has, compare it to your individual site needs, that said, IPB has won me over.


My vote went with Invision

My vote went with Invision Power. I haven't used the other software before, or not at least not that much.

IPB has to have the nicest most 2.0 layout system, along with some of the nicest Social Integration tools. The Admin Backend is perfect, and fits with the rest of the board, and its not ugly. UBB.Threads probably works, but it took me 5 minuets to find the board itself, and once I found it I felt like I was back to CSS1. It has to have the ugliest layout ever, and its images are horrible. Id on't care if the "New V8" is going to be better, but if something takes that long to start looking more web 2.0, then it has issues.

I really don't care either if something support is "better" then the others, because at least with a system like IPS's, you know that there's a team of people working, not one or 2 guys. If the guys at UBB.threads can't find a fix, then whats next? Nothing. IPB has 3 tiers of support, so at least they can escalate it if need be.

To the guy who won't shut up and listen to what he's saying-> You should like a complete idiot because you won't accept other peoples opinions. You actually sound like your trying to get more people to convert, and frankly, I will never use a forum software that is as crappy as UBB. Stop arguing with people and just accept that people want to use something that they like, not something that you like. We are voting for current software, not future versions, so stop going on and on about UBB 8, since it is obviously many years behind on the web standards side. Its a piece of crap from my perspectives.


UBB.threads is NOT a piece of

UBB.threads is NOT a piece of crap, and that is a FACT, not an opinion. You are the one who should shut up.

Also, this poll is for best forum software of 2010, and UBB.threads 8 is supposed to be released this year, so mentioning it is definitely a valid argument for why UBB.threads is better than IPB.


Andros, please, enlighten me

Andros, please, enlighten me into how a software that is NOT yet released should be the basis of a vote in this poll?

Regardless, this poll is completely biased and 100% insignificant.

Just to point out Andros, you remind me of an eight year old retaliating to some petty argument.

"You are the one who should shut up" Grow up pal. Puzzled


Well, I am pretty sure this

Well, I am pretty sure this poll will remain open until the end of the year, and UBB.threads 8 should already be out by then.


Whether or not UBB is a piece

Whether or not UBB is a piece of crap is purely opinion. It's not "FACT" either way, so claiming it's a fact (that it's not crap) is pointless because it's still an opinion and not a fact.

I'm not saying that UBB is crap, nor am I saying that it's not. I look a quick look at it and it's something that I would have to spend time to get to learn to come to an educated opinion about. I can tell you right now though that I'm not inclined to do so because my first feeling was that it's outdated. Perhaps UBB8 will be better than the current release, but even if it is, that doesn't mean that it'll be better than other forum software that's currently available, nor does it mean it'll win this poll.

There is something that is indeed a fact at this point. IPB is winning the poll by nearly 100 points, claiming more than a mere 50% of the total number of votes. Just a month ago, IPB barely had any votes, but that was because not many IPB people knew of this poll. Now that IPB users are becoming away of this poll, the votes have skyrocketed. That should tell you two things right away. One is that a poll only known to some people will inevitably give you unreliable results. The other is that when it's not just UBB people voting, that UBB won't win. Smile


lol, UBB.threads version 8.0


UBB.threads version 8.0 is NOT on this years list.Not only that current IPB and Current UBB.thread version are on the list for this year.

A modern IPB version versus an out of date UBB.threads 7.0 version.

It is no contest!


Your overt bias for UBB.threads is only going to hurt your reputation here.I suggest that you wait for the 8.0 version that really does show promise in REJOINING the quality level of the other modernized software to take seriously.

I personally like the new direction Mindraven has taken with a historically good software.It is one that I might someday chose to take my small forum to a new level.


I really don't expect UBB to

I really don't expect UBB to win in it's current state. Everything that's been stated here is pretty much true, although there are a lot of misconceptions and guesses being thrown around. Since UBB was only purchased from Infopop/Groupee/Social Strata at the beginning of the year, it still has a long way to go. Anyone with some history of UBB, well knows how it was run into the ground by it's previous owners. There are still a large number of people using UBB, so the new developments should be welcome to them as it appears they are going to get the development and treatment that they deserve by the new ownership.

Should UBB win this poll in it's current state? Obviously not as proven by the votes. But it's doing fairly respectable in comparision to others all things considered.

Will UBB v8 be a viable alternative to vBulletin, IPB upon completion? From the looks of the screenshots in their changelog I'd say so. Currently it's a bit outdated including the website. But I've been following pretty closely, and that all will be changing with this upcoming release. Doesn't mean it's going to be the best. But the best is a pretty relative term. What's best for me, might not be best or you.

Any time you get into Favorite voting, it's just like the Microsoft/Linux/Mac voting. People have their favorites, there are fanboys, and there are logical people as well.

We all should be happy that it would appear at least there will be 3 very viable choices in the commercial area, instead of just everyone flocking to vbulletin as they did for so many years.


Andros please take it down a

Andros please take it down a notch.It is obvious that you love UBB.threads and that is fine..... FOR YOU.

I have looked over UBB.threads and like the combination they offer,but it looks old and out of date.The default theme is something I would have expected to see ten years ago,only phpBB2 is somewhat similar.But today it is terrible!

I hope the 8.0 version improves on that.The use of plug ins and hopefully warnings are included in that updating.The cost will be a good attraction if they really do improve their software.I have interest in this development and will watch to see if UBB.threads can make the leap to a level where they will generate positive buzz among commercial forum owners.

But until then I like IPB way better than vBULLETIN.I admit I never administrated either one but have gone through demos and simply think IPB has better themes.

I will stay with myBB as a free software since it fits my needs very well.

Cool it Andros and wait and see if UBB will catch up with version 8.0.


Anonymous wrote, Quote:Will

Anonymous wrote,

Will UBB v8 be a viable alternative to vBulletin, IPB upon completion? From the looks of the screenshots in their changelog I'd say so. Currently it's a bit outdated including the website. But I've been following pretty closely, and that all will be changing with this upcoming release. Doesn't mean it's going to be the best. But the best is a pretty relative term. What's best for me, might not be best or you.

I agree that finally UBB is waking up after a long slumber.It also means they have some catching up to do since they look like 2001 or older.

Their 8.0 changelog actually excited me a little,since they show a strong departure from the current stodgy look and feel.

I predict that UBB will garner a lot more attention when the 8.0 version proves viable and modernized.


Personally I am surprised

Personally I am surprised that UBB has far more votes than vBULLETIN.

Until I came to this website last year.I never knew UBB existed but have seen vBULLETIN all over for years.

However I already like UBB more than vBULLETIN since the 4.0 series employs a funny looking front end that I do not care about.


UBB.Threads IS better than

UBB.Threads IS better than vBulletin, though. No questions asked.


I have been in contact (in

I have been in contact (in another forum) with Rick Baker,the Lead Developer for UBB software.Who in answering my questions has written.

My question:

I wonder if there is also a new warning/suspension system being considered for the new version?

His reply:

Yes, one of our developers is scheduled to be working on warnings/suspensions to get this in for version 8.

My question:

I notice that in the current version 7.5 series,there are no REDIRECT FORUMS or PRE and POST Moderation features in it.Will they be included (version 8.Innocent or will they be future plug in's?

WYSIWYG Editor be a plug in someday?

Will there be User Blog ARCHIVING available?

His reply:

Redirect forums are coming, since some of the importers that have been requested require them.

User blog archiving won't be in the initial release, since obviously it won't be needed at the beginning, but this is a feature that's on our roadmap.

Pre-moderation is already available. You can set this on a group / per forum level to allow some users or guests to post but will require that their posts be approved.

Other moderation tools such as users reporting posts are available as well. Currently sending an email to all moderators of the forum the reported post is in.

We do expect to expand on this, such as the including them in the Moderator Control Panel as you've stated. But there are plenty of tools available already in this area that will be included and expanded upon in v8.


Comparing UBB to IPB lolzz ..

Comparing UBB to IPB lolzz .. got a gr8 joke today Big smile


This is no joke. UBB.threads

This is no joke. UBB.threads 8.0 will beat the crap out of IPB and vBulletin.


Wow you are so biased. As

Wow you are so biased.

As stated many times we are voting for current forum versions, not ones that have yet to been released.


I'd honestly rather save $130

I'd honestly rather save $130 and use MyBB over UBB.Threads, even if they even consider trying to "revolutionize" things.


being a former customer of

being a former customer of the ubb5.4x era, the name 'ubb' is a huge turn off for me. it reminds me of infopop, ted oneil, etc.


Has anyone seriously tested

Has anyone seriously tested it?
Will anyone enlighten me?
I would seriously like to use it


How come Woltlab (Burning

How come Woltlab (Burning Boards) are still left out?

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It was actually reviewed in

It was actually reviewed in 2010, and the poll was already started. It will be however available for the best forum software of 2011, I promise Wink

FSR Admin - Vote for 2012.


If it comes in last or near

If it comes in last or near last place for 2011, I'm going to LAUGH!

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Why, you think this software

Why, you think this software is bullshit?

FSR Admin - Vote for 2012.



vBulletin 4.1...



I am already more interested

I am already more interested in UBB,than vBulletin.Despite that version 8 is not yet public.


Nico, are you going to add

Nico, are you going to add xenForo to the 2011 list?

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Hi El

Hi El Canadiano!

Unfortunately, we are supposed to put only forum we reviewed... and as the Xenforo team prefers us to wait for final 1.0 release... we do not now yet. Anyway, we can add new softwares during the year, but the counting would not be perfect... Yeah, I know, it's not a big deal, is it Wink

FSR Admin - Vote for 2012.


vBulletin. I don't care about

vBulletin. I don't care about 4.0, but 3.8 is still the best version out there.

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