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Articles related to XennoBB Forum.

Review, News, Live Demonstration, Screenshots Gallery and Users Opinion about the XennoBB Forum Software are available below.

XennoBB User Reviews

XennoBB Review

XennoBB is no longer maintained.

XennoBB no longer exists since 2007, due to non-respect of the GPL License
It is therefore not advised to use it, as no new security issues will be fixed.

What is (was!) XennoBB?

XennoBB is a really young experimentation on the forum software world by its development team. It relies on the MySQL/PHP couple, and is based on a really fresh and usable general layout.

Review Updates:

  • September 2007: Please note that XennoBB no longer exists. In 2007, XennoBB did not respect the GPL License (XennoBB was based on PunBB and Puntal), and after many complaints from original software developers, this project was finally cancelled. Some rumors inform us that the Smurof project could be based on the original XennoBB source.

XennoBB Review is available

XennoBB Screenshot

XennoBB 3.0.0 RC5 test and demonstration are now available on Forum-Software.org.

You can consult them here :

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