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Articles related to XenForo.

Review, News, Live demonstration, Screenshots Gallery and Users Opinion about the XenForo Software are available below.

XenForo Review and Demo Available

XenForo has just been reviewed, and this test is available at XenForo Review.

Additionally, we have also installed it on our sandbox environment to let you test and discover this software via the XenForo Live Demonstration.

XenForo, the forum that created the most buzz last year has finally announced its final version one week ago. It is a good opportunity to see what former vBulletin developers were able to succeed with XenForo.

XenForo Tutorials Screencasts

You know a good Tutorial Screencast of XenForo?
Contact us at webmaster@forum-software.org and we will publish it here.

XenForo User Reviews

Best Existing Forum Software
70% (244 votes)
Powerful and Smart
6% (21 votes)
Good for Everyday Tasks
4% (13 votes)
Interesting for Small Community
3% (11 votes)
Bad and Limited Features
5% (18 votes)
Unusable and Inefficient
12% (42 votes)
Total votes: 349

XenForo Review

XenForo development started in 2009, beginning with two former and talented developers of vBulletin: Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan. XenForo is based really modern paradigms of efficiency, ergonomy and simplicity. Using the classical PHP/MySQL couple, extended with the Zend Framework, the goal of XenForo when the project started was to create a forum software as it should be with today constraints: highly connected to social networks, based on modern technologies, but keeping it professional and simple.

You will indeed discover that XenForo is doing a really good usage of AJAX, because it only uses it to improve user experience, while others sometimes give you the feeling they want to replace jQuery effects documentation. It of course uses tools and services that are clearly mandatory if you want to have a modern and secure application ; to not quote them all: Google Analytics, Gravatar, Facebook, Twitter, ReCAPTCHA,...

XenForo Pricing

  • XenForo License: $140. It includes 12 months of ticket support and upgrades
  • Extension of support and upgrade: $40. Valid for 12 additional months.
  • Branding Removal: $250. Even if it's really easy to guess the forum software behind a website, you can hide XenForo copyright for this price.
  • Installation by XenForo Services: $50. No experience in Web server? That's for you.

Review Updates:

  • April 6th, 2011: Update Review with XenForo 1.0.1.
  • March 16th, 2011: First Review.

XenForo vs vBulletin: The Movie

A funny (who said "realistic") animation about the current fight and lawsuit between the vBulletin company, Internet Brands and XenForo developers.

In case you are not aware, XenForo was founded by former vBulletin employees, in order to create an entire new product based on their previous experience. Unfortunately, vBulletin is not very pleased about this new competitor reaching the field, and they sued their former employees, Kier Darby, Mike Sullivan and Ashley, claiming that XenForo may violate vBulletin's copyright and indirectly hurt its market share indecently.

By the way, if you are interested in this story, this video is more instructive...

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