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WowBB Activity Transfered to UltraBB

WowBB, a commercial forum software that had no activity since 2006, and really well known for its major security holes, has been acquired by UltraBB. UltraBB, also known as WowUltra, shares the same source base as WowBB, minus the security leaks.

The plan for WowBB lease users is quite simple: they are going to be migrated for free to the latest version of UltraBB 1.17. This is a good news for them, as the migration will be done by UltraBB team and the company behind Data 1 Systems, INC..

We do hope this is going to be the renewal of UltraBB and a good way to definitely forget about WowBB.

WowBB User Reviews

WowBB demonstration forum hacked

One week ago, the WowBB demonstration forum had been compromised and hacked. Its first page was replaced by a Turkish flag, so we suppose that the hacker came from this country.

This problem allows us to inform and prove that some forum softwares contains more security holes than other, and these kind of information will always be placed in first page, to let webmasters know which softwares are more secured.

For the moment, the WowBB installation is no longer activated, and a mail has been sent to WowBB developers to help them fix this problem.

About the same subject, an anti-spam and a captcha security have been installed on Forum-Software.org to prevent spam comments and incorrect users.

WowBB Review Available

WowBB Screenshot

WowBB Test and Demonstration are now available on Forum-Software.org.

Does this proprietary software will provide the key features you miss in the classic open source software solutions ? More information in the WowBB review...

You can consult it here :

Please note the IceBB will be the next forum software to be reviewed.

WowBB Review

WowBB is no longer maintained.

2011: WowBB acquired by UltraBB. WowBB project is considered as dead and is replaced by UltraBB. Note that this project has also big security issues since 2006.
It is therefore not advised to use it, as no new security issues will be fixed.

What is WowBB?

WowBB is a commercial forum software, based an unknown forum software with is the ancestor of several others, including UltraBB. WowBB website is proud to announce that it includes many unique features like spell checking, customizations and so on. By the way, this is clearly not unique, as most of forum software supports this kind of functionalities. Anyway, if you are really interesting to know more about it, and if you like pink car and green theme (yes, it still exists today, do not forget to wear your sunglasses!), go to the WowBB features page.

Review Updates:

  • March 14, 2011: WowBB acquired by UltraBB. WowBB software source base is going to be replaced by UltraBB.
  • March 8, 2009: This security hole has still not been fixed, the rating of this forum software is now at 2.
  • July 5, 2006: The WowBB demonstration forum on Forum Software Reviews had been hacked and is no longer available while a security fix is not available.
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