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Woltlab Burning Board

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Woltlab Burning Board Reviewed

Coming from Germany, Burning Board exists since 2001 and could be defined as a really powerful commercial alternative to other classic forum softwares... Burning Board is edited by the WoltLab company, and counts more than 100,000 active installations.

You can consult the Woltlab Burning Board Review here.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the Woltlab Burning Board Live Demonstration.

Woltlab Burning Board Review

Woltlab Burning Board is a PHP based forum software, developed since 2001 by an German company, WoltLab® GmbH.

Even if it is not very known in US and other European country, this software is very active in Germany and other German countries. Indeed, since software first version, Burning Board counts more than 100,000 active installations over Internet.

Burning Board is available in two different versions:

Burning Board Logo

Burning Board 3.0

Burning Board Lite Logo

Burning Board Lite 2.01

Differences between Burning Board and Burning Board Lite

Burning Board Lite is free and is simply a light version of what propose the full and commercial Burning Board product. You will be able to migrate from the light and free edition quite easily, so this is perfect to review and test the software before purchase it. We would really appreciate this kind of efforts from other commercial companies, so thank you Woltlab for showing the right example.

The whole prices list is available at the Purchase screen of Woltlab.

WBB and Woltlab Community Framework (WCF)

WBB 3 is built upon a WoltLab-developped framework (called "WoltLab Community Framework", in short "WCF"), which uses a package management system, like Linux does. WCF is being installed while installing WBB, which slows down a bit the whole installation however. As WBB 3 is only an application running on top of WCF, many other applications can be run with WCF simultaneously.

WCF supports all applications, serving database, users and many other basic system functions, so that developers do not have to develop everything repeatedly. That way you can build large sites running only one integrated system. Apps even share the style of the system (called "skin" in your comparison).

Review Updates:

  • June 17, 2011: Extensive Refresh of the Review with the help of Luzifer, from Berlin.
  • July 11, 2010: First Review.

Woltlab Burning Board Tutorials Screencasts

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