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Wikid Forum

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Wikid Forum Review and Live Demonstration Available

The fusion of Wikis and Forum, reunified in one single software, is born, and its name is Wikid Forum!

Wikid Forum has just been reviewed at FSR! If you notice an unusual number of news, Yes, Christmas is approaching, and we finally find some times to make FSR alive again...

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the Wikid Forum Live Demonstration.

Wikid Forum Review

What is Wikid Forum?

Wikid Forum is an open source attempt to regroup two big worlds inside of a single application: Wikis and Forums.

It indeed really often happens that these two tools are needed, as complementary products. One for discussing, the other for writing more formal documents, but in a community process. You can of course attempt to organize a Wiki to allow conversations and so on, but anyone who already went to the Discussion tab of Wikipedia for example will admit that this is not a perfect way to organize an arguing.

On the opposite, create documents and pages using threads and topics is not easy as well: only one person can edit it (except moderators and admins, of course), the formatting rules could be limited, and the post can be easily lost in the flow of new messages coming up.

It's for this purpose that Wikid Forum try to merge this feature, and we are going to see if their efforts are worth or not.

Review Updates:

  • December 16th, 2010: First Review.

Wikid Forum Tutorials Screencasts

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