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Unclassified Newsboard

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Unclassified Newsboard Review Updated

Even if Unclassified Newsboard has not released a new official version of its good forum software, it was highly time to update its review on Forum Software Reviews.

However, note that the experimental version, released on the end March of 2010, could be tested and used on your website if you wish, because the general stability and quality of the software has been proved several times.

Unclassified NewsBoard User Reviews

Unclassified NewsBoard Review and Live Demonstration Available

Unclassified NewsBoard Review and Live Demonstration are now available on Forum Software Reviews.

You can consult it here :

Unclassified Newsboard Forum, aka UNB has just been reviewed by Forum Software Reviews.

You will discover in this review if this bulletin board could be as "unclassified" as it claims to be.

Unclassified NewsBoard Review

What is Unclassified NewsBoard?

The Unclassified NewsBoard (short UNB) is an open-source, PHP-based forum software, that tries to be revolutionary in the way you are using it. As a good example, administration and the forum itself are merged, and you will discover really intuitive and ergonomical actions where they should be.

To be honest, the project is really complete, and even if we are still waiting for UNB 2 (no release date for the time being), this is a real pleasure to review this kind of project.

Review Updates:

  • April 6th, 2010: Review Update with Unclassified Newsboard, development version (2010.03.24).
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