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SocialEngine Review and Demo Available

We are really proud to announce the release of our review of the SocialEngine software. SocialEngine could be considered as the future of all modern PHP platforms, providing a great base, aka SocialEngine core, that could be extended by many additional services and plugins. One of the main goal here is to keep the "social" word as a central concept for every single features developed and available.

As usual, a software license has been gracefully donated to FSR in order to let you do your usual testing on our sandbox environment: SocialEngine Demo.

SocialEngine Review

SocialEngine is the next generation of software, providing a great base you could extend with many plugins. Powered by the PHP Zend Framework, SocialEngine relies on a modern technology that gives it for free very important technical features like a cache management, ORM, database abstraction, well designed URLs and a protected environment (less chance to find SQL injection, opened restricted pages,... ).

SocialEngine's main goal is to allow its user to recreate their own social network, putting members in a central place and focusing on community features. When installing a standard SocialEngine, you will quickly see some similarities with the Facebook user stream, that lists all link shares, discussions, polls, games and events a member is writing and makes him/her interacting with friends. This is the first pillar of this product, that you could extend with official plugins (between $30 and $40 each) or third-party plugins (developed by the community).

If we had to compare SocialEngine with another software, I think Drupal would be a kind of competitor in the open source world. Note however that it would require much more configuration and tuning work for reaching what SocialEngine provides per default.

We have decided to review SocialEngine with the most common plugins you could find in an advanced forum software, including: a Forum (of course), a Blog, an Album Manager, a Calendar and a Poll module. It's time to detail SocialEngine now!

Review Updates:

  • December 7, 2011: First Review.

SocialEngine Tutorials Screencasts

You know a good Tutorial Screencast of SocialEngine?
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