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Simple Machines 2

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SMF 2 Review Updated

Three months after one of the most expected release in the forum software world for 2011, we are happy to announce a refresh of our Simple Machines review, to update information according to the new version 2.0, that was released fall of June 2011. Without no debate and questions, SMF keeps the perfect score of 10/10, putting it in the list of best - and free - existing forum software.

Note we also reinstalled the SMF demo as well, if you want to test the application directly.

Simple Machines 2 Review and Live Demonstration Available

Simple Machines 2 Review and Live Demonstration are now available on Forum Software Reviews.

After more that 3 years of development, we are really proud to review Simple Machines 2.0. Is this new version just a small improvement of the previous one, or else is it a major refactoring and rethinking of the user interface? Let's discover this in the review!

Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 Live Demonstration Available

Staying in the Simple Machines world (see the previous news), Forum Software Reviews is proud to announce the availability of the Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 Live Demonstration on its server.

This preview will allow you to discover the impressive list of changes and improvements that will be bundled with the next major release of Simple Machines. The 2.0 release is developed since more than 3 years, and SMF developers have only one requirement before releasing: everything needs to be clean and finished.

Let's discover Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 here:

To celebrate this, Simple Machines is also promoted as the Forum of the Month (for people who don't know what it is, it's the Focus on block on the main page). Without any doubts, with the Best Free Forum Software of 2010 price, 2010 is really the year of Simple Machines.

Simple Machines 2 Review

If we had to sum up Simple Machines, the first expression that would come to our mind is that it's a pillar for the world of forum software. This famous product has always indeed guaranteed an high level of quality and has always delivered a complete forum solution. This has to be compared with some of its competitors, that prefer providing an huge list of features, not always well integrated with each others.

It's now time to discover these domain, step by step, with this review

Review Updates:

  • August 10, 2011: Update review to SMF 2.
  • April 3, 2011: Features updates.
  • March 26, 2010-: First Review.

Simple Machines 2 Tutorials Screencasts

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