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Forum Software Related News About Security are covered here. You will find where to download and discover if your website is in danger using this category.

An interesting article about Injection Vulnerabilities

The PhpBB Developer Blog released one week ago a really interesting post about various injection vulnerabilities : SQL injection, HTML injection, Include injection...

This post is particularly useful if you want to discover how those vulnerabilities works and how you could avoid them for your personal developments, particularly in PHP. The provided examples are really clear about what to avoid and why it is really important to regularly upgrade your forum software installation and to choose a really well supported forum.

Other Resources :

Phorum 5.1.13 released

The next version of Phorum has been released. This new version fixes some bugs and security problems.

Please download the archive here :

or directly from Phorum website.

Good update !

Simple Machines 1.0.7 vulnerability

Simple Machines Forum has released a new version of its software. This version is the 1.1 RC2 and can be downloaded here :

Download new version

You can also update your forum software directly from your Administration pages.

This version is a security update, and has been released with a 1.0.7 patch for older versions.

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