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Review Update

Phorum 5.2.16 Review

Phorum review has been updated and refreshed to take into account changes between Phorum version 5.2.10 and 5.2.16. Two years passed since the last update was made, so it's unnecessary to say it was really needed...

SMF 2 Review Updated

Three months after one of the most expected release in the forum software world for 2011, we are happy to announce a refresh of our Simple Machines review, to update information according to the new version 2.0, that was released fall of June 2011. Without no debate and questions, SMF keeps the perfect score of 10/10, putting it in the list of best - and free - existing forum software.

Note we also reinstalled the SMF demo as well, if you want to test the application directly.

PunBB 1.3.4 Review Updated

One year after the latest release of PunBB, version 1.3.4, Forum Software Reviews has reviewed it again and the PunBB Review has been updated. This is finally done, and please note that the same really good score of 7/10 has been given to PunBB, as it is still, without any doubt, a great forum software when you look for simplicity and ease of use.

We also take the time to update the PunBB live demonstration, that wasn't updated since the creation of this website, 4 years ago! (actually, PunBB was the second forum we reviewed here).

Unclassified Newsboard Review Updated

Even if Unclassified Newsboard has not released a new official version of its good forum software, it was highly time to update its review on Forum Software Reviews.

However, note that the experimental version, released on the end March of 2010, could be tested and used on your website if you wish, because the general stability and quality of the software has been proved several times.

JForum 2.1.8 Review Updated

The JForum team has released the eighth maintenance release of JForum 2.1.8 last year, on March 20th, 2009. As usual, Forum Software Reviews is a little bit late to provide the update of the JForum Review. This is finally done, and please note that the same really good score of 7/10 has been attributed to JForum, as it is still, without any doubt, the best JEE forum software.

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