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Articles related to PunBB Forum.

Review, News, Live Demonstration, Screenshots Gallery and Users Opinion about the PunBB Forum Software are available below.

PunBB - Styles installation guide

How to install new styles. Tutorial originally available at the PunBB website.

PunBB - Plugins Installation Guide

How to install new plugins. Tutorial originally available at the PunBB website.

PunBB 1.3.4 Review Updated

One year after the latest release of PunBB, version 1.3.4, Forum Software Reviews has reviewed it again and the PunBB Review has been updated. This is finally done, and please note that the same really good score of 7/10 has been given to PunBB, as it is still, without any doubt, a great forum software when you look for simplicity and ease of use.

We also take the time to update the PunBB live demonstration, that wasn't updated since the creation of this website, 4 years ago! (actually, PunBB was the second forum we reviewed here).

PunBB 1.3 Official Styles

The PunBB team has announced the end of the development of the 5 official themes for PunBB 1.3. These themes keep the classic layout and simplicity that ensured the success of this good forum software.

PunBB Style Carbon PunBB Style Oxygen PunBB Style Web 2.0
Carbon Oxygen Web 2.0
PunBB Style Copper PunBB Style Informer  
Copper Informer  

PunBB - Administration guide

How to administrate PunBB. Tutorial originally available at the PunBB website.

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