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PhpBB 4 will rely on Symfony 2 Framework

According to one of the phpBB 4 RFC, its recent acceptance and Nils Adermann recent statement (fr) during the Symfony Live event, it is more and more expected that phpBB 4 will be developed on top of Symfony 2. phpBB development team finally decided that it's time for their next major release to delegate technical things to a modern framework instead of keeping their own backend of the forum. By the way, this is going to take a lot of time, but if you looked into the past, phpBB got only 3 major releases in 10 years, so we should therefore expect phpBB 4 for 2014 Wink

PhpBB - Styles Guide

Change the default theme. This tutorial was initially provided by PhpBB website.

PhpBB and Simple Machines announce SimplePhpBB!

This is a fantastic news for all people following those two great projects since the beginning. The two teams plan to merge and join their efforts in the same powerful product, that will take the best of the two worlds: the simplicity of PhpBB and the power of Simple Machines. The name is quite logical and really attractive: SimplePhpBB!

Obviously, the project won't be ready before one year (the 1.0 version is currently planned for April 1st, 2011), but during this time, the teams will not have much time to support the next PhpBB 3.0.8 and Simple Machines 2.0. Users should therefore use the latest versions of the both products.

[Edit]: The project has been unfortunately cancelled, due to some disagreements for choosing the name. Indeed, some developers were thinking that PhpMachinesBB was better, and finally leave the project. And yes, it was an April 1st's joke ;o)

We are really excited by this news!

PhpBB - Database Backup and Restoration Guide

How to backup and restore your PhpBB database. This tutorial was initially provided by PhpBB website.

PhpBB - Users Permissions Guide

Create restricted and private forums. This tutorial was initially provided by PhpBB website.

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