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Ninja Post

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Ninja Post Review and Live Demonstration Available

Ninja Post has just been reviewed and you can consult the 4 pages of this article on Ninja Post Review.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the Ninja Post Live Demonstration.

A new outsider appeared recently in the forum software world, to shake it a little bit in order to create a more modern and perfect mix between chats and forums. Isn't it time to review this?

Ninja Post Review

About Ninja Post:

Ninja Post is a very recent project, started in the beginning of 2010, and could be considered as mature even if it is still young. Its architecture based on the cloud (the new marketing name for hosted forum software) and its deep links with modern tools and services (Google Accounts, Facebook & Twitter) are choices made by its main author because this is what most forum softwares lack according to him. And this is quite true, as, most of the times, Facebook and Twitter are just plugged to the forum and the community, but are not centralizing and defining the key features of the software.

Ninja Post could be sum up with the following quote from its author:

Mike Wilt wrote:
Ninja Post combines the speed and simplicity of chat with the structure a traditional message board. Ninja Post doesn't have all the features as, say, vBulletin or phpBB but I think that's a good thing.

Let's see what is behind this good intention!

Nina Post Prices:

White Belt
$50 for Six Months Forum Hosting
Orange Belt
$100 for Custom Design + Six Months Forum Hosting
Green Belt
From $250 for New Website + Six Months Forum Hosting
Black Belt
SSO Integration: Bridge your existing user database with your Ninja Post forum.

Review Updates:

  • November 11, 2010: First Review.
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