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MesDiscussions User Reviews

MesDiscussions.net Review available

MesDiscussions Screenshot

MesDiscussions.net (which means My Chats in French) test and demonstration are now available on Forum-Software.org.

You can consult them here :

MesDiscussions Review

What is MesDiscussions

MesDiscussion is a French software used by major web sites of the french Internet.

MesDiscussions respects W3c norms, can support a really heavy load and is really powerful. You'll find only one bad point with this tool: its license, but fortunately, the official website provides a dedicated hosting solution.

This is particularly useful for communities or companies which are looking for a powerful and a easy-to-manage forum software. MesDiscussions also provides the classical SEO module, helping your website to be crawled by search engines and, indirectly, helping the increase of its pagerank.

Major websites using MesDiscussions

You will find MesDiscussions.net forum on the following websites:

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