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Joomla Forum

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Joomla Forum Review and Live Demonstration Available

Joomla Forum has just been reviewed and you can consult the 4 pages of this article on Joomla Forum Review.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the Joomla Forum Live Demonstration.

Drupal is not the only CMS that provides nice forum integration. Joomla is the other heavy weight product of the market, and the different solutions provided as components to give users access to a forum to your website are quite powerful and complete. We have reviewed Joomla, with its forum plugin Agora, that is the most recommended one on the Joomla Extensions website.

Joomla Forum Review

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system, so it is not a forum only, but a full PHP stack ready for building and maintaining websites. It won several prizes since it was created, and is clearly one of the Top 10 open source web softwares.

Why reviewing Joomla here?

Joomla is a basically a CMS system, but it could be really more than just this. Its pluggable components are really powerful if you wish to extend the capabilities of your website, and adding a forum software to an existing Joomla installation is nothing but easy. This review is not only based on the Agora component we have chosen, but is more general about what Joomla is able to support, with a plugin, or not.

Review Updates:

  • June 29th, 2010: First Review.

Joomla Forum Tutorials Screencasts

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