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JForum 2.1.8 Review Updated

The JForum team has released the eighth maintenance release of JForum 2.1.8 last year, on March 20th, 2009. As usual, Forum Software Reviews is a little bit late to provide the update of the JForum Review. This is finally done, and please note that the same really good score of 7/10 has been attributed to JForum, as it is still, without any doubt, the best JEE forum software.

JForum User Reviews

Best Existing Forum Software
40% (19 votes)
Powerful and Smart
21% (10 votes)
Good for Everyday Tasks
11% (5 votes)
Interesting for Small Community
4% (2 votes)
Bad and Limited Features
15% (7 votes)
Unusable and Inefficient
9% (4 votes)
Total votes: 47

JForum Review Available

The first forum based on the J2EE technology is after all available and reviewed by Forum-Software.org. We directly begin with the most known forum : JForum.

Please however note that the server which hosts the demonstration is not really fast and can be down sometimes.

Direct links to JForum :

JForum Review

From JForum website:

JForum is a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more.

Built from the ground up around a MVC framework, it can be deployed on any servlet container or Application Server, such as Tomcat, Resin and JBoss. Its clean design and implementation make JForum easy to customize and extend.

Best of all, JForum is freely available under the BSD Open Source license.

If you or your company are searching for a serious and robust Forum Software, JForum is the right choice.

Key Features

  • Ultra fast
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Secure and highly customizable permission control
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-database support
  • Open Source

Review Updates:

  • March 23, 2010: Update the review with JForum 2.18.
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