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Next Forum Software Reviews

Here are forum software we might review in the next weeks (well, months). The list is supposed to be sorted in the expected order of reviews, but there is no insurance it will be processed like this...

Reviews to update

  • AEF
  • Beehive Forum

Forums we will not review

By the way, you may also know other forum software, that have totally disappeared from Internet, or look to old/bad to be reviewed. Here are the software we do not plan to review them, so, please don't ask Wink

bbScript, bttlxeForum, Community Server, dnfBB, EvilBoard, MercuryBoard, Monkey Boards, idealBB, TairoBB, SamePage, OvBB, Vistix, NuclearBB, aterr, DeluxeBB.

Other resources

If you really lack a specific forum review, I suggest you to consult the related Wikipedia article, that provides a quite complete comparison of existing bulletin boards:

Submit a new forum software

Use the Contact Form with the Suggestions/Ideas category to propose new forum softwares to the FSR reviewer or post a message in our Discussion Forum if you would like us to review a new software. If its a proprietary software, then please provide a free license of your product, that will be used for the review and as a live demonstration..

Updating of an existing software demonstration requests can be directly posted in the Forum Demo Requests Discussion.

How we Rate Forums?

Please note that the way we rate forum is not intended to be used to compare them, but simply to give our feeling when we reviewed the software. We DO know that this hard to apply everywhere, and that most of non-technical people who see that Forum X has a greater number of stars compared to Forum Y will automatically deduce that Forum X is far better, but, at the end, everybody knows that the perfect forum software does not exist, because it mainly depends on what you want to build and who you want to host. At least we wrote this disclaimer to avoid trolls ;-)

Forum Rating

From To
Innovative ideas, powerful features, nice layout are parts of what increase the global quality of the software against its competitors. You can safely install this bulletin board keeping in mind that you are using a very good forum software.
From To
The forum software is sufficiently powerful and good to be used in most cases. Your members and visitors will appreciate it and won't be surprised by weird behaviors.
From To
Maybe too simple, too limited or with not maintained sufficiently. Install this software if you do know the risks, and if you will be able to do your own support. Technical guests are advised.
From To
If you plan to install it, Give up immediately! If it's too late or if this forum is already in use for several years, think seriously in migrating your community to a decent other solution.

Pros & Cons


This score helps you to know if the forum software is easy to use from your everyday visitors and members.

Perfection = 9-10 / 10
Perfect ergonomy!
Easy to Use = 7-8 / 10
Visitors see this interface tenth-a-day, so they know how it works.
Normal = 5-6 / 10
Why it does not look like Facebook page? People start to be lost with buttons/layout.
Complex to Use = 3-4 / 10
Well, colors and the way threads and posts are displayed look a bit... old fashion/weird/messy/put your own adjective here.
Too Complicated = 1-2 / 10
Browse by typing the URL is even faster than clicking on the links the forum provides.
= 0 / 10
Where is the Home page?, I can't find it anymore!


Fast & Simple = 9-10 / 10
Perfect installation: fast, easy, doable by a 2-year old kid.
Easy to Do = 7-8 / 10
Simple and clear enough for most people.
Classical = 5-6 / 10
Works correctly, but keep the following hour free for that purpose.
Long & Difficult = 3-4 / 10
Ouch, too many parameters, strange questions... It may need several hours to achieve.
Too Complex = 1-2 / 10
Manual installation, or semi-automatic one. The forum needs to be tweaked post-installation to make it work, at least normally.
= 0 / 10
A buggy software that will require you to fix the code of the forum (and maybe installer's) in order to install it. Don't say we haven't warned you.


Really Intuitive = 9-10 / 10
Administrating this tool is like biking, you cannot forget it.
Efficient & Fast = 7-8 / 10
You are even able to understand what these advanced parameters are for, but please do not touch the red button.
Classical Categories = 5-6 / 10
Alright, you know where you can add forum sections and categories, and that's all you want to know.
Messed-up = 3-4 / 10
Mmmh, you don't understand why settings do not apply for about 60 % of the time.
Counter Productive = 1-2 / 10
Be prepared to fear each time you log in to the administration panel.
= 0 / 10
No way to administrate the tool, except by modifying the source code.

Forum Review Fields Descriptions

This page describes the most important criteria that you should look for finding the forum software you need. Each features are explained in details, and some provided examples will help you defining what a forum software should provide to fit your needs.

1. In brief

2. Forum Features

3. Administration

4. Customization

5. Conclusion

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