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General information about Forum Software Reviews (FSR, for those who did not notice): News, Improvements, New features,...

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Discover FSR with a New Look

I am proud to announce and release this new version of Forum Software Reviews, after 3 months of hard work to get it ready for today.

It includes many changes, that I could not be all listed here, but here are the main improvements:

  • Forum Reviews are single page now. Most Internet connections are fast enough today for loading a small bunch of 10 Kb HTML content. Search are now easier in this page.
  • Home page has now an inline forum comparator, perfect to quickly look and compare major features of each bulletin board.
  • Screenshots Galleries are now really better in terms of ergonomy and ease of use.
  • FSR should load faster, as either most images are in sprites or their count was simply reduced. (+ our recent server change)
  • Improved ways to share links with your community... Including a Google +1 button on top of the page, so please be kind enough to +1 us if you like FSR.
  • ... and many other changes, but I let you find them by yourself Wink

I hope these changes will suit your need and are in the way of improving your experience in finding the best forum software for your community. By the way, if anything goes wrong, or if you see any bug, do not hesitate to report them to us.

Announcing the new Jobs section

Some of you have may noticed the new Jobs section on the top menu of Forum Software Reviews. This section will be helpful for anyone that looks for a job, and more particularly work-from-home jobs. If you are an expert of forum software and forum designing, this is going to be the place where you need to be!

Companies have of course not been forgotten: if you desperately lack of human resources, the Jobs section is also a perfect place to post your projects. Looking for a PHP developer for months for integrating your website to a more social network dimension? Then Post your project on the Jobs board right now! Determine your price, wait for bids from professionals, and choose the most skilled for your project!

Forum Software Reviews and our partner DoNanza are really proud to announce this platform to link web companies, developers and designers.

A new forum is born!

It was a shame for a website called Forum Software Reviews to do not have a decent Community Forum. This long standing problem is now resolved, as we have just released our new Discussion Forum. The main target when we developed it was to improve simplicity, and add a global appearance of a classic forum software to the Drupal Forum module we have extended. The sharp users will probably notice that we took some inspirations from the default PhpBB theme, and they would not be wrong at all Wink.

We have created something like 10 new forum groups, that should allow you to regroup the main topics about forum and classic problems (social networks, moderation problems, installation and extensibility,...). We really hope they will cover all existing subjects, so if, in having a look about these topics, you find something missing that does not fulfill your specific needs and questions, do not hesitate to post a comment about it.

New Feature: Community Size Average

The new features list is increasing again! Each forum software has now a recommended community size, where it is know that the software will deliver its best performance and will be able to support this kind of load charge.

Obviously, if a product is able to manage a Large Community, it could also support smaller communities.

Community Size Average Screenshot

All forum softwares have been updated, and you can therefore discover the above chart on the first page of each reviews.

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