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Fruit Show

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Fruit Show User Reviews

Fruit Show Review and Live Demonstration Available

Fruit Show Review and Live Demonstration are now available on Forum Software Reviews.

The minimalist oriented forum software Fruit Show review is available. This forum software could really be surprising and really poor in terms of features, but that's its main goal...

Fruit Show Review

Fruit Show is no longer maintained.

Fruit Show can be considered as no longer active, as nothing new came since 2007.
It is therefore not advised to use it, as no new security issues will be fixed.

What is Fruit Show?

FruitShow is really easy to describe, as it is the most simplistic forum software we ever reviewed here, in the past 3 years. This free forum software was mainly developed in order to provide a backend to www.joelonsoftware.com and a design for www.crazyontap.com.

The simplicity has been kept in the features as well, as, you do not need to register for posting, and the bare layout is easy to remember.

Fruit Show History

FruitShow was created in January, 2006, after a complicated story between Joel Spolsky and Wayne Venables (original developer).

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