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FreeForums Review and Live Demonstration Available

FreeForums has just been reviewed and you can consult this article on FreeForums Review.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the FreeForums Live Demonstration.

We created an account at FreeForums.org some times ago, just to see how their dedicated administration panel works on top of PhpBB 3. We haven't be disappointed, it drastically improves the administration tasks of this bulletin board.

Let's discover this forum hosting provider, that exists since 2007.

FreeForums Review

What is FreeForums?

Free Forums was created in 2007, and the first goal was to develop the most powerful service for forum hosting. To succeed, they have based their own forum service on the famous phpBB software, customized with a dedicated and custom admin interface. This way, FreeForums.org successfully combines the most known and used forum software with a really simple and awesome administration interface, that extends phpBB's one very well and nicely.

As usual, a forum hosting company could be consider as reliable if its support really exists and really solve the problems you encounter. This has been understood by FreeForums, that has a 24/24 support team, in different places, and that is really dynamic and fast.

FreeForums Administration - Advanced Administration Panel

Administration Panel (Advanced)

FreeForums Administration - Simple Administration Panel

Administration Panel (Simple)

The default service is of course free, and additional paying features could be ordered, like DNS hosting, advertisements removal, copyright removal, and so on. For a typical installation, you should count around $7 per month, that is really cheap for the kind of service provided! Remember that, compared to a self-hosted forum, you have with FreeForums.org a really powerful architecture, backups and a technical team if you encounter problem with your installation.

Review Updates:

  • August 8th, 2010: First Review.

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