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Extreme Message Board

Articles related to Extreme Message Board (XMB) Forum.

Review, News, Live Demonstration, Screenshots Gallery and Users Opinion about the Extreme Message Board (XMB) Forum Software are available below.

Review of XMB 1.9.11 and Demo

Following the global update of old reviews, it's time for XMB review to be updated again. We took several hours to reinstall Extreme Message Board Demonstration that was down since several weeks now, but is now up again.

General quality of the software has really increased since the last time we review it (ok, it was (only) 5 years ago!), and finally the score got increased from 5/10 to 7/10. Have a look to the XMB Review to discover why!

Extreme Message Board Tutorials Screencasts

You know a good Tutorial Screencast of Extreme Message Board?
Contact us at webmaster@forum-software.org and we will publish it here.

Extreme Message Board User Reviews

Extreme Message Board Review Available

XMB Screenshot

Extreme Message Board, aka XMB Test and Demonstration are now available on Forum-Software.org.

This software is developed by the XMB Software company, and is covered by the GPL license. Does this will help it to be the perfect forum ? More information in the review...

You can consult them here :

Extreme Message Board Review

What is Extreme Message Board:

Extreme Message Board, also known as XMB provides a powerful forum software, quite complete, with themes, modifications, and support of a good community. Since the last time we reviewed XMB, this software got more and more features, and finally reaches a step where every major requirements for a forum software are present and really easy to use.

Review Updates:

  • February 15, 2011: A major update of XMB (5 years later!).
  • August 11, 2006: First Review of XMB.
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