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Esotalk Review Available

Esotalk has just been reviewed and you can consult the 4 pages of this article on Esotalk Review.

An updated version has been installed as well to let you test and discover this software via the Esotalk Live Demonstration.

The new wave of forum softwares is coming. A forum is not always a web page containing posts, topics, categories and users. Esotalk proves that by rethinking the way of using forum, like Vanilla did already some times ago. It's time to review that!

esoTalk Review

What is Esotalk?

esoTalk is a free and open-source forum application. The main aims in the mind of its developer are: being as simple, fast, light as possible, and provide, for talented users, to extend it as easy as possible.

Clearly, esoTalk is on the same battlefield of PunBB, Fruitshow or Vanilla. You won't find big (who says laggy? Do I hear useless too?) features, and if you want such, you will have to rely on the community plugins. esoTalk is in the same category than Punbb and Vanilla: voluntarily simplistic and resolutely modern. It tries to reinvent some features that you see everywhere in all other forum, but with a different manner, and also renounces to implement some of them that do not look so important. Let's see if it is sufficient to have a good forum software...

Review Updates:

  • June 19, 2010: First Review.

Esotalk Tutorials Screencasts

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