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Drupal Tips

Drupal Tip #11: Friendly URLs in your forum with Pathauto

Friendly URLs are mandatory if you want to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your forum. It is indeed really useful because, instead of having URLs that look like forum/tid/405 or node/1234, you will have textual URLs that have a link with the topic of the page, like /discussion/increase-the-traffic-your-online-community/possible-way-increase-traffic.

It is therefore better for users browsing your website, and as well when users look for an answer to their questions into Google, Bing and so on.

Friendly URLs using Pathauto

Drupal Tip #10: Beautiful User Profile in Topics

A new article to celebrate Drupal 7 release!

As you probably read it in the previous article (I hope you did it!), you are now able to have beautiful forum topics, but they are still missing an important thing: the profile of the user who sent the message. Here is how to do it.

Great Drupal User Profile

Drupal Tip #9: Theme Forum Topics

You are complaining about Drupal Forum because topics does not look like REAL topics, like the one you find in major forum softwares? Here is how to make them beautiful.

Drupal Forum Topic

Drupal Tip #8: Hide Specific Forum Containers

After a long time, the Drupal Tips are back, with a new series of 4 tips. We hope you'll enjoy them.

When you support a large forum community, which could contain dozens of categories (in the Drupal terminology, they are called container), it is not always relevant to
display all of them in the main forum index page. This could be easily customized using one of the existing forum preprocessor.

Hidden Forum Sections

Drupal Tip #4: Add "Views Count" column

It could be really interesting for your members to have an idea of how many times a subject has been viewed or read. Unfortunately, Drupal does not provide this in the default forum module, but it already provides some key features that helps integrating this views count really nicely and easily.

View Column Screenshot
The following article asserts that you already know well or understand how the hook and theme system of Drupal works. If not, you should consult the Drupal Theme and How to use the Theme layer in Drupal 6 documentation.
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