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It is actually the lack of

It is actually the lack of features that makes PunBB so good. If you prefer fast, this is a good choice. It is also ideal for non programmers, because the code base is so small that even a beginner can find things. This means flexibility which you might not find elsewhere. People who are less interested in communication and want lots of features instead, particularly if they like a slow response, should not chose this.

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I absolutely agree with you!

I absolutely agree with you!

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Pros: Fast Simple, everyone


  • Fast
  • Simple, everyone should cope with PunBB
  • Extension system makes it even more simple
  • Beautiful standard style compliant with latest web technologies: HTML5 and CSS3
  • Lack of feature. It's a Forum Software - nothing more, nothing less. Do only that what should it do.


  • Lastly infrequent updates
  • A very bad support. Since Rickard has left PunBB, practically anyone reply there.
  • Sometimes lack of features fails (eg no warnings for users, lack of moderating tools)

Summary: PunBB is a very good, polished software which do only his job - ability for administrator to create a place where other people can communicate with themselves. It's featureless, but can be very simply extended by extensions installed with one-click. Unfortunately the company which has bought PunBB a couple of years ago neglected this soft. You can't get support on official website... it's horrible. Also updates... the latest (at the time of posting) was released more than a year ago.
But this does not change the fact that PunBB is still a very good software. If your site works without problems, you will be probably glad.

Sorry for my English. Smile 3,5 (here: 4)/5

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