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Forums are still the Most Efficient Social Media Tools

According to an article from eMarketer - Where Are Social Media Marketers Seeing the Most Success? - forum are still part of the global social media strategy of the Top 500 Companies, and they are still getting really high marketing success with them.

Most people would blindly say Facebook has replaced everything (including our dear forum), but it seems not, and even if Facebook was more used in 2010 (54% for 2009, 85% for 2010), forum are still a very reliable way to promote and increase the buzz around a company or a product. 93% of the companies declared that a forum was part of their social media tools for 2010, 2% more than 2009.

eMarketer Study - Social Media Tools which had success - 2009 & 2010
eMarketer Study - Social Media Tools which had success - 2009 & 2010

That's a good answer for people that wonder if they should drop their forum to rely only on a Facebook Page or a Twitter stream.

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Review of XMB 1.9.11 and Demo

Following the global update of old reviews, it's time for XMB review to be updated again. We took several hours to reinstall Extreme Message Board Demonstration that was down since several weeks now, but is now up again.

General quality of the software has really increased since the last time we review it (ok, it was (only) 5 years ago!), and finally the score got increased from 5/10 to 7/10. Have a look to the XMB Review to discover why!

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ForumCommunity Review and Demo Available

ForumCommunity has just been reviewed, and this test is available at ForumCommunity Review.

Additionally, we have also installed it on our sandbox environment to let you test and discover this software via the ForumCommunity Live Demonstration.

ForumCommunity.net and ForumFree.it are two websites managed by the same company, one targeting worldwide users, and the second more targeting Italian websites. And it is very successful, as this is the most used forum hosting service in Italy.

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ProBoards Review and Demo Released

ProBoards, the largest hosted forum provider, with about 22.9 million users is finally reviewed at FSR. We are going to decrypt and detail in the review the features that make this free hosting forum service so popular.

If you don't know this software, then, ProBoards Demo is a perfect place to play a bit with it before reading the ProBoards Review.

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Announcing Smartphones Compatibility

A question is coming more and more often to our ears: which forum software should I use if I want to make it available and compatible with existing smartphones, and more particularly my iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

Compatibility with Smartphones
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