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bbPress 2.0 released

Two years after version 1.1, bbPress is finally out! This forum plugin of the famous Wordpress blog software got really nice improvements since the last version, including: better integration with Wordpress, as they use now the same dashboard, and both blogs and forums are now more tight. Wordpress themes are really more simple to adjust to the forum layout, and the general stability is really now a step forward.

bbPress is a simple forum software supporting user profiles, topic tags, notifications, Akismet antispam,... and brings this for free to any Wordpress installation version 3.2.1.

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Answerbase Review and Demo Available

Answerbase has just been reviewed, and this test is available at AnswerBase Review.

This Q&A Software could easily be assimilated to a different kind of forum software. These software are indeed very popular for several years, and many successful websites are based on this concept (Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow,...).

This review should definitely help you to see if Answerbase can fulfill your requirements.

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FUDForum 3.0.3: 10 Year Anniversary

FUDForum team is proud to announce version 3.0.3 of its forum software. This release also celebrates the tenth birthday of FUDForum, initially created in 2001.

This release provides nice new improvements:

  • Default forum templates are now HTML 5.
  • Minimum requirements are now PHP >= 5.2 and MySQL 5.
  • Global Announcements, displayed on front page.
  • New databases supported: Firebird, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Multiple attachments uploading in a row.

For the complete list of features and modifications, see the official FUDForum 3.0.3 release page.

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Forum Press Review - September 2011

Following the idea of last month, we are back for a small tour of news published all over the forum software planet.

  • IP.Board software suite got a +1. Almost all software from Invision Power were upgraded to an newer version, including IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Chat, IP.Blog and IP.Download.
  • And the same feeling of starting the school year applies for Woltlab software, as Burning Board 3.1.6, Community Blog 1.1.1 and Community Gallery 1.1.1 were released as well.
  • vBulletin iPhone Application was upgraded to 1.1.3. It now includes the famous Twitter feature "drag to refresh" and an improved pagination bar.
  • Do not forget to upgrade your Phorum installation with the latest security fix included in version 5.1.7.
  • FUDForum's next version is approaching with the release of 3.0.3RC2, including command line tools for manually loading mails and NNTP posts, new CAPTCHA images, support of Google CDN plugin, and several improvements in ACP Avatar page, Forum Files editor...
  • bbPress major revamp is still in progress with 2.0RC4 that went out recently. Major improvements are Akismet integration, update process, multisite integration and integration of BuddyPress 1.5 activity streams and @mentions.
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FusionBB Review and Demo Available

It's was a long time since the last review, but today, we are reviewing a commercial PHP forum software, called FusionBB. This review is available at FusionBB Review.

Additionally, we have also installed it on our sandbox environment to let you test and discover this software via the FusionBB Live Demonstration.

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