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Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 Live Demonstration Available

Staying in the Simple Machines world (see the previous news), Forum Software Reviews is proud to announce the availability of the Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 Live Demonstration on its server.

This preview will allow you to discover the impressive list of changes and improvements that will be bundled with the next major release of Simple Machines. The 2.0 release is developed since more than 3 years, and SMF developers have only one requirement before releasing: everything needs to be clean and finished.

Let's discover Simple Machines 2.0 RC2 here:

To celebrate this, Simple Machines is also promoted as the Forum of the Month (for people who don't know what it is, it's the Focus on block on the main page). Without any doubts, with the Best Free Forum Software of 2010 price, 2010 is really the year of Simple Machines.

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Simple Machines 1.1.11 Review updated

The Simple Machines team has released the eleventh maintenance version of Simple Machines 1.1.11 in December 2009. It was time for Forum Software Reviews to do some updates on its Simple Machines review, that was getting old.

This is now done, and you will find there some fixes, additional information and lists of modules (Modifications in the SMF terminology) that could be useful for Forum Webmasters.

Please also not that the Live Demonstration has been reinstalled with the latest version of SMF 1.1.11.

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FluxBB 1.2.22 Review Updated

Even if we impatiently wait for FluxBB 1.4 final version (RC1 has already been released), Forum Software Reviews has finally just review the current stable version of FluxBB 1.2.22.

As usual, FluxBB goals are clear: do the most clean and elegant forum software, without any useless features, like polls, attachments,... The accent is only to put the emphasis on simplicity and ergonomy, and we could admit that they do it right!

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IceBB 1.0RC10 Review updated

To celebrate the tenth release candidate of IceBB, Forum Software Reviews has finally just reviewed it again.

The final score has been increased, as the work done is pretty impressive and could now perfectly suit small communities.

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Yet Another Forum 1.9.4 RC1 Review Update

Yet Another Forum has been updated to the 1.9.4 version in the last weeks of 2009. With some delays, Forum Software Reviews finally just reviewed it again. Without any doubt, this software is getting better and better everyday... Nice job!

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