Simple Machines 2 Review and Live Demonstration Available

Simple Machines 2 Review and Live Demonstration are now available on Forum Software Reviews.

After more that 3 years of development, we are really proud to review Simple Machines 2.0. Is this new version just a small improvement of the previous one, or else is it a major refactoring and rethinking of the user interface? Let's discover this in the review!

You can consult it here :

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I found some small mistakes

I found some small mistakes in this review.
First of all, it says that scheduled tasks are not available, however there's an inbuilt feature for that in SMF 2.0.

Also, it states that these features are available, however they are not included by default, they're 'plugins':
Social Networks, Post Rating and Bundled Softwares.
Payment Subscriptions is not a plugin, it's available by default.
'Bookmark Threads' is not available in 2.0, at least not by default.

Lastly, the link to our theme site, at the bottom of the first page, is broken.

But thanks for posting! Smile

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Oups, those little mistakes

Oups, those little mistakes are fixed (including your second message below).

About the features not in Simple Machines vanilla, like social networks and bundled softwares, I've indicated this on the review, even if it is shown as included in the table.

Thanks for these fixes.

FSR Admin - Vote for 2012.

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Also, SMF is not GPL, it's

Also, SMF is not GPL, it's LLC, a custom license..
May also be worth mentioning the WYSIWYG Editor in 2.0, like you do in the vBulletin review.

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