Major Updates in Reviews and Live Demonstrations

You may have note that the last two weeks, there were really few news from Forum Software Reviews. This time was totally used to rewrite many parts of the website, and more particularly the Reviews, that have been totally rethought.

The Reviews now contain more information and description about features and advantages that each Forum Software provides. Each review now contains the following categories, that will help webmasters to choose their favorite tools:

  • Forum Software Description
  • Server & Clients Requirements
  • Forum Threads and Posts
  • Key Features & Additional Tools
  • User Profiles & Options
  • Security & Spam Protection
  • Customization
  • Administration & Support
  • Secunia Vulnerabilities Reports
  • W3C Norms and Accessibility
  • Conclusion & Rating

As you could note, these categories are now more detailed, and some documentation is also available for important features (easily recognized with a star).

The Live Demonstration Page is now more clear and displays all available demonstrations. All Forum Reviews will help you consult rating and compare each softwares on the same page.

The style is also more clear and readable and the font size has been reduced, to increase reading comfort.

There is of course some works left, for example, the Forum Comparator still needs to take care of new features categories.

We hope those improvements will satisfy your needs.

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