Forum Software Reviews 2.0 is here!

After more than four months of development and interface rethinking, the Forum Software Reviews website is now available.

The previous right menu has been removed, in favor of a more dynamic selector on the front page. The Forum Comparator usage is now more intuitive, as well as the Forum Reviews list.

Of course, all reviews are always available at the bottom of the page, if you need to quickly navigate between reviews. Most of the times has been used to improve the heart of the website, that are, of course the Review Page of any forum softwares tested here. It's now more easier to navigate through the 4 pages of the review:

  • 1. Description & Requirements
  • 2. Forum Features & Customization
  • 3. Administration & Vulnerabilities
  • 4. Conclusion & Rating

and to access to resources related to the reviewed software (screenshots, live demonstrations, comparator,...)

A Facebook page has been created for people involved in this famous social network. The Forum Software Youtube channel will contain all videos we have published here and some exclusivity in the future. You maybe also had followed the upgrade process on our Twitter.

Of course, as usual, do not hesitate to report any errors, weird behaviors and so on in the Forum or by dropping a comment here.

We hope you will enjoy this new version.

Note: Internet Explorer 6 users will probably have some problems with the new layout of the website, but, seriously, I don't mind. This website will be fixed in the same manner Microsoft fixed their ugly IE 6 browser, meaning that we will do that when we will have times to do.

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Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your informative post really helped me to more information about how forums work.

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