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Extreme Message Board, aka XMB Test and Demonstration are now available on Forum-Software.org.

This software is developed by the XMB Software company, and is covered by the GPL license. Does this will help it to be the perfect forum ? More information in the review...

You can consult them here :

We have also add a new category in each reviews, that will help huried webmasters to know what are the features and ideas that makes a forum unique. You can find this information in the third page of each review.

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VERY Inaccurate review.


Let me start off with a little background information: I've been using XMB forum since 1.6 back in 2002. I was hired as a volunteer support guy before I quit due to some "internal conflicts" for lack of better words.

I would just like to point out how in accurate your review is:

Template Engine: A true template engine doesn't exist, but there is a template system that allows for greater customization.

Plugins: There are some basic plugin options but they are mainly to add links to the header. I don't know what you mean by plugins, but that is what XMB has Tongue.

Bugs: Those bugs were caused by a bad URL entered into the $full_url variable in the config.php. If you had the correct URL in that variable, that would have never happened.

Instant Messaging: While XMB does not have an MSN style communication system, it does have something called U2U (User to User) which allows users to directly communicate.

File attachment with posts: You obviously didn't look at the post interface... You can easily upload files. Plus, they are stored in a database for greater security.

Words Filtering: Click Censor in the Admin Panel..

Also, the incompatibility you listed with your configuration is incorrect. I personally worked on the project using Apache 2.2.3, the latest MySQL 5 and PHP 5.2.0 on a Windows machine. Operating system shouldn't really affect it, though.

Last word: Some of the features lacking is because some of the head haunchos would never give the OK on them... Yah, most think the same.

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