Comparator Updated

The Forum Comparator is now ready, and use the same categories than the reviews. It is now really more easier to identify and compare existing forum softwares.

New features included in reviews are completed step by step for each forum softwares, so do not be surprised if you see some Unknown values.

The previous style update had some glitches with Internet Explorer 7, but they are now fixed.

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This is now really better!

This is now really better! Thanks for this improvement.


This comparator uses very old

This comparator uses very old information on Simple machines, The current version is 1.1.8 (also available 2.0 RC1) and you are using 1.1. RC3. Not very useful.

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Yup, Simple Machines Review

Yup, Simple Machines Review update is planned. It will be a good time to update the Live Demonstration too.
It should be done in the next week if everything is fine. Thanks for your information

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