Forum Comparator gets a Nice Refresh

It's been a long time without any news here... But don't worry, we are still here, and, to give you some clues about this, let's introduce the new Forum Comparator selector. Much more simpler and lighter than the previous huge & horrible yellow block, this comparator allows you selecting your forums directly through a tooltip. To add a more forums to the comparison, simply click on the + Select of a free column to compare it with current software.

New Forum Comparator Selector Screenshot
New Forum Comparator Selector Screenshot

During the revamping of this interface, we've also implemented a feature you have waited for a long time: the ability to compare forums only on their differences! Tick the Show Differences Only on a current comparison, and features shared by compared forums are removed, letting you discovering real differences between bulletin boards.

I cannot leave you without the traditional link to the comparator, initializing it to a really popular search: MyBB vs Simple Machines 2 vs XenForo.

As usual, do not hesitate to report your feedback and bugs (bugs?!?, really?) using the Contact page.

Personal Note: Going to be a Daddy soon may probably slow down a bit the number of news and reviewed forums, but, do not worry so much, I will still be here for you all too!
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