Announcing the Forum Softwares Timeline 1996 - 2010

Have you ever been curious about knowing what was the first forum software? What were the ancestors of the popular and recent forum softwares? Or when phpBB development began?

These questions are now solved with the Forum Softwares Timeline! From 1996 to 2010, the 14 years of history of Internet forum softwares are described in this diagram.

Please note that this document is quite recent and may contain errors. If you find one, send it to us by mail to


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Hi to all of you, I have a

Hi to all of you,

I have a commercial website and i want to start a Question and answer forum(Q&A) by using a community software.
My requirements are :
1. I need the same layout of Q&A forum like my website.
2. The Q&A forum should be match with our existing website language i.e. MySQL database.If it is necessary
3.I will be able to customize the Q&A in case of any need in future.

Please suggest best software according to my requirement.Kindly reply


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