bbPress 2.0 released

Two years after version 1.1, bbPress is finally out! This forum plugin of the famous Wordpress blog software got really nice improvements since the last version, including: better integration with Wordpress, as they use now the same dashboard, and both blogs and forums are now more tight. Wordpress themes are really more simple to adjust to the forum layout, and the general stability is really now a step forward.

bbPress is a simple forum software supporting user profiles, topic tags, notifications, Akismet antispam,... and brings this for free to any Wordpress installation version 3.2.1.

Additionally, bbPress is really coupled with another popular Wordpress plugin called BuddyPress, which basically brings many social networks features to your Wordpress blog. BuddyPress 1.5 was recently released, while bbPress 2.0 final touch was brought to make them working perfectly together. To sum up, these two plugins can really give too your personal blog a nice social network orientation!

For bbPress 1.x users, a dedicated bbPress Importer is available for migrating your data to this new version. Our bbPress review should be updated really soon to celebrate and test this version extensively. Stay tuned!

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Really nice forum plugin for

Really nice forum plugin for WP.

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