New Feature: Recommended Plugins

We have just released some new improvements to Forum Software Reviews for completing more and more each forum reviews. We have added new fields, more particularly for User Management, Moderation and Security categories, and these information should help you decide if a forum software could suit your needs in terms of security.

We also have added a new section, called Recommended Plugins, that lists modules and modifications we highly recommend for a particular forum software. This is notably important when a software is voluntarily quite simple and has a powerful extension system, that let users exactly choose the features they need from the plugins library. This new section is somehow a digest of the sometimes really large list of existing plugins.

Plugins and Themes Screenshot

MyBB is the first review we've updated with this kind of information, and we hope it will be a nice additional information. Please note that, of course, the forum comparator has been updated as well.

More information:

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