Website Toolbox down for about 24 hours

As some members (Mat, Rick and Jon by mail) reported it, Website Toolbox architecture was down for more than 1 day, starting from yesterday morning (December 22nd, 2010).

From the information we have, the failure seems to come from the DNS name, which was not responding anymore. It may be due to a wrong operation in their DNS zone.

The good news is that the forum are now up again, but apparently, nobody at Website Toolbox was replying during the failure, which created a huge panic reaction... For people asking about a refund, Jon informed us that nothing is going to be done.

About Website Toolbox

Website Toolbox is a 8-year old company, providing hosting services in several domain: forum, polls, guestbook, statistics...

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I have already confronted my

I have already confronted my forum provider about there pathetic service. They had promised me they would match my forum to my site without fail and then they had no clue how to do it. The fact was they do no programming whatsoever. I called out there representatives on the phone about bait and buy tactics and they had nothing to provide other then they can't anything about it. The fact is also, when they first attempted to do it they completly misplaced all the items with no attempts to correct there mistakes. The forum page was so horribly distorted from any original form that it actually made me look incompitent as a developer. I also displayed this to the forum reps that they where making my website look like crap. This is why we have this bland and black white forum. I have no confidence in websitetoolbox at all. I do not reccomend website toolbox to anyone. Phbb is far better, in all area's...


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