WowBB Activity Transfered to UltraBB

WowBB, a commercial forum software that had no activity since 2006, and really well known for its major security holes, has been acquired by UltraBB. UltraBB, also known as WowUltra, shares the same source base as WowBB, minus the security leaks.

The plan for WowBB lease users is quite simple: they are going to be migrated for free to the latest version of UltraBB 1.17. This is a good news for them, as the migration will be done by UltraBB team and the company behind Data 1 Systems, INC..

We do hope this is going to be the renewal of UltraBB and a good way to definitely forget about WowBB.

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Hi... I'm the admin of a


I'm the admin of a forum that was on platform Wowbb...

now... if i click on forum's link, i'm addressed to page of Data 1 system...

How do i do?


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Hi! I would suggest to have a


I would suggest to have a look UltaBB website -, as it's going to be the next software you might use to upgrade your forum.

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