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Some of you have may noticed the new Jobs section on the top menu of Forum Software Reviews. This section will be helpful for anyone that looks for a job, and more particularly work-from-home jobs. If you are an expert of forum software and forum designing, this is going to be the place where you need to be!

Companies have of course not been forgotten: if you desperately lack of human resources, the Jobs section is also a perfect place to post your projects. Looking for a PHP developer for months for integrating your website to a more social network dimension? Then Post your project on the Jobs board right now! Determine your price, wait for bids from professionals, and choose the most skilled for your project!

Forum Software Reviews and our partner DoNanza are really proud to announce this platform to link web companies, developers and designers.

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Oddly enough, most of the

Oddly enough, most of the jobs are about creating accounts and posting spam. Can't you filtered it out?

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Unfortunately, it's a little

Unfortunately, it's a little bit hard to filter these jobs without filtering real and interesting one.

The current filter is indeed based on the "forum" keyword, and I do not see how I could remove jobs like that without removing half of the existing jobs. (account or posting keywords could be set for small tasks like "can't log in anymore with my ...")?

Sorry about that, let's use the human-eye filtering Wink

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