Drupal Tip #2: Message Quoting

This is the Drupal Tip #2, how to support Message Quoting in your forum.

Quote Module Screenshot

One of the most widely spread features in forum software is the ability of quoting other users' posts, in order to make the reading of the topic more comfortable. Readers understand whom you answer and what question or affirmation was the base of your message.

As the previous Smileys tip, an existing Quote module perfectly suits your need for this feature. It actually adds a new action for every comments, and will prefill the reply form with the comment that you wanted to quote. The quoted message will appear in white (default) and is really easy to distinguish from your original post.

  1. Go to the Quote project page, and download it.
  2. Upload it to your Drupal installation and enable it in Site Building, Modules.
  3. Then, you have to enable it, and for this, go to Site Configuration, Quote module, associate it with Forum Topic. The Display the quote link for nodes option has also to be checked, if you want to give the ability to your user to quote the first message of every forum topic (that is, in the Drupal architecture, a node).

    Enable Quote for Forum Topics

    How to configure Quote module?

  4. Finally, you need to activate the quotes for your comments and nodes through the Site Configuration, Input Formats. Check the Quote Filter for the Filtered HTML and Full HTML (not mandatory, as this input format is generally limited to administrators).

    Configure the Quote Filter in Input Formats

    Set up the Quote module filter format

You've done it, the quote module is now available and properly configured. Want a demonstration? See our Discussion Forum!

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