Drupal Tip #1: Add Smileys to your forum

This article is the first one of a series of about 10 tips that describe how to improve your forum when you use the famous Drupal CMS. We actually think that the previous experience we acquired recently, by improving our own discussion forum could be shared with other people, and we really hope you will find in these tips things that could be applied to your forum.

Smileys Module Screenshots

Let's begin with Smileys Tongue

Okay, this is not the most complicated thing to do. A module does this perfectly for you: Smileys. It adds a new filter, that you will have to activate for your comments and nodes through the Input Formats of your Drupal installation.

  1. Go to the Smileys project page, and download it.
  2. Upload it to your Drupal installation and enable it in Site Building, Modules.
  3. Go to Site Configuration, Input Formats, and check the Smileys Filter for the Filtered HTML and Full HTML (not mandatory, as this input format is generally limited to administrators).

    How to enable the Smileys filter

    Set up the Smileys module filter format

  4. If you want to only support smileys in your forum, then you have to create a new Input Formats, in Site Configuration, Input formats, Add input format.

    Add Forum Topic Input Format

    Add Forum Topic Input Format

  5. Once created you, then can download and install the Filter by node type Drupal module, that will let you to limit the new Forum Topic Format to the Forum Topic node type. See Content Management, Content types, Edit Forum topic.

Administration & Customization

The smileys themselves are really easy to configure with the Smiley Administration page, that you will find in Site Configuration, Smileys. Note the visibility legend:

Visibility Legend

  • SelectedVisible on select box + popup
  • Middle Visible on only on popup i.e. "More Smileys". Note that this popup is actually available in the default More information about formatting options link
  • Deselected Invisible (but not disabled)

Smiley Administration

Smileys Module Configuration

Once these steps are done, your users and visitors are know able to use any of the really well known symbols:
Smile, Wink, Party, Santa, Quest,...

Want a demonstration? See our Discussion Forum

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The article has been updated

The article has been updated to add info about Filter by node type.

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Hello. Forums and user groups


Forums and user groups on the ranks used "Administrator" and "Registered User" to add them to my page, which ensured the emergence.


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Hi Emir, Sorry, but what is

Hi Emir,

Sorry, but what is your question/problem? Could you please explain it a bit better?


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help meee pls Sad(


Thanks lastnico. Which

Thanks lastnico.

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Indeed, this has never been

Indeed, this has never been explained. I'll do a tutorial soon in order to detail the way to format posts like this.

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Very interesting and usefull

Very interesting and usefull article! Keep up the good work!

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