A new forum is born!

It was a shame for a website called Forum Software Reviews to do not have a decent Community Forum. This long standing problem is now resolved, as we have just released our new Discussion Forum. The main target when we developed it was to improve simplicity, and add a global appearance of a classic forum software to the Drupal Forum module we have extended. The sharp users will probably notice that we took some inspirations from the default PhpBB theme, and they would not be wrong at all Wink.

We have created something like 10 new forum groups, that should allow you to regroup the main topics about forum and classic problems (social networks, moderation problems, installation and extensibility,...). We really hope they will cover all existing subjects, so if, in having a look about these topics, you find something missing that does not fulfill your specific needs and questions, do not hesitate to post a comment about it.

Please also note that this forum is still in beta test stage, so please report any problem you could encounter to webmaster@forum-software.org.

We sincerely hope this will be a great tool for finding information about forum softwares!

Note: As written above, this forum software is totally based on the default Drupal Forum module, and we will probably release an article about how we achieved this mutation from the classic module to this nice looking bulletin board.

Teasing Note: This is the Part 1/2 of the two next big changes! Some news about part 2 soon!

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I really don't believe that

I really don't believe that you have created this forum in Drupal, can you please share it with me

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