Announcing New Forum Badges

After several weeks of development, I am really proud to announce the release of new Forum Badges! If you ever noticed the small Forum Badges link on the footer, you already know what forum badges are. Unfortunately, as you probably note, they were developed a long time ago, and were quite limited.

So, I decided to revamp them in order to provide new badges that would match user requests. You now have choice between Animation in GIF and Static PNG, each of them in different models and sizes. By the way, I also provide HTML and BBCode snippets in order to make the integration on your website easy.

Here are some new shiny examples:

Simple Machines Review

Simple Machines 2 Review

Burning Board Review (large)

Woltlab Burning Board Review (large)

ProBoards Rank

ProBoards Rank

Best Forums of 2010

Best Forums of 2010
Want to see more? That's here: Forum Badges!

Note that I used the famous Imagick PHP API (replacing the old PHP GD) in order to generate these animations and static images, and we actually developed on top of it a nice API called AnimatedGif to make the creation of animated GIF and PNG even easier.

I should release it soon, along with its documentation, under the GPL license. Stay tuned if you are interested!

Old Forum Badges are considered as deprecated, so do not forget to replace them by their respective new versions!

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