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Three months after one of the most expected release in the forum software world for 2011, we are happy to announce a refresh of our Simple Machines review, to update information according to the new version 2.0, that was released fall of June 2011. Without no debate and questions, SMF keeps the perfect score of 10/10, putting it in the list of best - and free - existing forum software.

Note we also reinstalled the SMF demo as well, if you want to test the application directly.

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10/10 is an absurd score you

10/10 is an absurd score you gave for SMF.

The lack of an updated postbit codes line is one example of old software.

Another is that SMF 2.0 is not that different from 1.13 Yet you gave that one a lower score.


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As usual, arguing on FSR

As usual, arguing on FSR score is not something relevant and won't bring anything interesting. As written in the Scoring article, the score given to a forum software reflects a personal opinion, and the User Reviews page is here to let people give their own opinion and an average score. Here is a perfect place to expose what you think and what misses to SMF to deserve this score.

By the way, I don't find the postbit annoying on SMF, why do you blame it?

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With 621 votes.They give it a

With 621 votes.They give it a 3 of 10 rating.

They strongly disagree with you.Does their opinion count?

The 1.1.12 are rated 8 on software and user opinion.You like it less and the users like it a lot more.

With SMF you are in the definite minority.

The majority opinion strongly differs from yours.

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Their opinion definitely

Their opinion definitely counts, but unfortunately the score I'm giving to SMF is like a 1/621th vote of User Reviews, except it is displayed in big. Again, it's always going to be subjective, and from my personal point of view, published on this website, SMF deserves a really good score.

I would like to be able to remove this global _personal_ score, but it would be harder for people to make their choice, so, at a giving time, someone has to give its own opinion.

I would however be very pleased to see your comment and negative points you find about SMF, written in the SMF 2 User Reviews page, in order to have a well counter-balanced opinion to mine.

Regarding differences between SMF 1 & 2 user scores, you can also assume two things:

  • SMF 1 review was already rated when SMF 2 did not exist (so SMF 1 was compared to existing solutions at this period, but not against SMF 2). Now, as an information says SMF 1 review is now outdated, less people read and comment this review.
  • SMF 2 review might also be subject to a negative campaign here from other guys, that is something that unfortunately happens too on user reviews website, and that is really hard to detect in a long term, from the administration point of view.

Hope you understand my opinion.

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I have solutions for this

I have solutions for this mess, Your site got flooded last year when the year came to end (between a day and a night MyBB received almost 1000 vote ???), and yet it is happening till now, even with Woltlab BB...
So what you have to do is :
1.Way more advanced User checking : Checking member cookies if he voted or not is not enough, check the IP,the cookies, sessions, browser, make sure everything doesn't match, thus you'll prevent majority of these lame raters from flooding.
2.Don't let the users rate the board and leave, like this anyone can flood it without an explanation,you better make it like this: give score, write a review (with at least 2 Pros and 2 Cons A MUST).
3.More user checking : seriously its a MUST

that's all i got for now but I'll update as soon as I get more ideas.

Best Regards
Sadaoui "SAFAD" Abderrahim - Lead Developer AEF Group

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Thanks Safad for these

Thanks Safad for these proposals. I think anyway I'll have to decide one day to require users to create an account here before voting/posting a comment... This way, it would be so boring for spammers that they will simply stop after creating 5 fakes email addresses and accounts here. It'll match point 1 and 3 you suggested Wink

This decision will be made once I'll reach a better integration with social networks account (Twitter is there already, but Facebook and Google+ will be needed too), which basically means after Drupal 7 migration?

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you can give it 7 of 10. I

you can give it 7 of 10. I used it and it is not so good. it is helpful but not the perfect one.


If it's up to me, you can

If it's up to me, you can give it a 10/10 (so just leave it as it is). I used is and it is very good (better than other free softwares). The themes are better than that one from MyBB, PhpBB etc.. but that's just my opinion. I think it's very good Lastnico gave it a 10/10, because most people only rate SMF because of their development. But I'm sorry, but you can't tell me PhpBB is quicker with 9 months for a [b]maintainance[/b] release.


Your post is an

Your post is an opinion.Sprinkled with distortions in it.Maybe a lie as well.

As far as I know only THIS place has given SMF a ... he he..... perfect score.

I know of people who think Lastnico is a nut for doing that.


I am simply amazed that

I am simply amazed that people here thinks SMF 2.0 is PERFECT!

There are too many people who thinks it is not that good.To be giving it a perfect score.It is YOUR opinion and nothing more.

I have USED the software before and learned of its weaknesses.That is why I had to give it up.They still use 1990's post bit codes.They still have some template weaknesses.

It took a long time for me to get a problem fixed.It hurt my forum and some of the members were not happy either.

I switched to myBB.Ever since then all is well.


I have switched to MyBB too,

I have switched to MyBB too, but it's the worst thing I've ever done. Bad support, bad converter, bad design (it looks like it's design is created in 1840, and was never touched again). I've switched back to SMF 1 hour after I converted to MyBB. I don't expect much of MyBB2 because they said it will look like MyBB 1.


The support is usually

The support is usually good.

You probably screwed up the conversion process.Mine went well.

There are many themes to choose from.The default is better than SMF's default theme.

myBB 2 will be very different.Where did you get that lie from?

You left SMF for a reason and yet you run back to it in a flash.I think you are another muddled thinking forum owner the rest of us has to put up with.

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