Forum Press Review - September 2011

Following the idea of last month, we are back for a small tour of news published all over the forum software planet.

  • IP.Board software suite got a +1. Almost all software from Invision Power were upgraded to an newer version, including IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Chat, IP.Blog and IP.Download.
  • And the same feeling of starting the school year applies for Woltlab software, as Burning Board 3.1.6, Community Blog 1.1.1 and Community Gallery 1.1.1 were released as well.
  • vBulletin iPhone Application was upgraded to 1.1.3. It now includes the famous Twitter feature "drag to refresh" and an improved pagination bar.
  • Do not forget to upgrade your Phorum installation with the latest security fix included in version 5.1.7.
  • FUDForum's next version is approaching with the release of 3.0.3RC2, including command line tools for manually loading mails and NNTP posts, new CAPTCHA images, support of Google CDN plugin, and several improvements in ACP Avatar page, Forum Files editor...
  • bbPress major revamp is still in progress with 2.0RC4 that went out recently. Major improvements are Akismet integration, update process, multisite integration and integration of BuddyPress 1.5 activity streams and @mentions.
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