Summer Front Page updates

Summer is already well advanced, and most of you are in holidays, but for those who are not, we are proud to show you the new improvements we made on our front page. The timeline and the forum of the year are now on the left column at the top, and up to 15 forum softwares are now displayed in the forum carousel.

Really aware users should also have noticed a small update on the page header 2 days ago. It is now a little bit thin, in order to improve usability for small screens (particularly for laptops, notebooks, iPad and so on).

Note that the Focus on... feature came back from the bottom to the top.

As usual, please report any problem you encounter, and do not forget to take a screenshot and tell us which browser you are using.

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nice article! i like that!!

nice article! i like that!! hope you will post more article like this!


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