The Grand List of Forum and Community Laws

Some fun for the beginning of 2012 with the famous Grand List of Forum and Community Laws, that basically sums up how, what and why most Internet Communities are going to react on a given event.

I cannot resist about giving you an excerpt of this long list of 151 bullets (and counting!, web rules regularly evolves Wink:

  • "FIRST POST!":
    In any "response to a new installment of something" thread, there is 74.3% chance that the first post will include the poster stating that they got the first post. At least half the time, the post will consist only of the "I got the first post!" comment, and nothing of any use.
    Corollary: On more popular sites, the first five to ten posts will consist of the above, either by posters who aimed for the first post but missed, or continuing the chain by posting "second!" "third!" and so on.
    Corollary 2: The more people who continue identifying their post order, the more likely it will spark an argument with the other users complaining about how much they hate people who do this.
  • Page Break Effect:
    Unless the final post of the previous page is quoted, the post will usually be forgotten
  • Atheismo's Law:
    If you talk about religion, it will lead to debate.
  • Politico's Law:
    Any mention of politics will trigger a debate.
    Corollary: The longer said debate goes on, the less likely it is to ever be resolved or end.
  • ...

See the complete list here: The Grand List of Forum and Community Laws and enjoy!

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