Facebook Removes Discussion Board App From Pages

Facebook has decided to remove all Discussion Boards from Pages on October 31th, 2011. This is a real sad news for Facebook Pages managers, that are going to lose thousands of topics and messages that were stored in this really popular Facebook Page Application, that reached 54 million users per month during its most active period.

Facebook Discussion Board on Pages
Facebook Discussion Board on Pages

This top score has unfortunately slowly decreased since, reaching 27 million users in December 2010, and recently 22 million users, which is still considerable, but seems not enough from the point of view of Facebook.

The plan for Facebook to counter this decreasing is simply to remove the application from all existing Pages, claiming that the Page Wall is a more comfortable place for commenting and discussing, with a better visibility to page fans and visitors.

How to export / backup your Facebook Discussion Board Topics and Messages?

Right now, Facebook is unfortunately not providing any way to migrate data which is really silly. There is still one month before the final cleanup, so hopefully, Facebook developer team will provide us a way to export to any JSON/XML format these data, in order to reimport them, either on the Wall of the page, or into any other Facebook-connected forum like XenForo or MyBB.

If you do not know this quite limited (but fully integrated with Facebook, obviously) discussion boards, maybe you should do a tour on our Facebook Forum Software Reviews Page Discussion Boards.

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Do you know any decent FB

Do you know any decent FB forum aps in exchange for Discussion Boards?
I found only Fanzilla Forums. Discuss+ is no longer avaiable.

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For the time being, I know

For the time being, I know there are https://www.vbulletin.com/index.php?do=facebookapp and http://www.fbulletin.com, but I have to say I've never tested them.


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I saw this on my FB pg. A

I saw this on my FB pg. A group I am subscribed to posted that FB will be getting rid of the discussion. Problem is, I'm not quit sure what that IS; so could someone pls explain to me? Does this mean we won't be able to comment on posts made by friends; groups; etc.?

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Hi, What will be removed on


What will be removed on your Facebook page is the left Discussions link (with the pink icon here: Facebook Images) and all topics/comments that are listed there. This is particularly sad if your Discussion forum was really active.

You can see, as an example, our Discussion Board test on FSR Facebook page.

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I work in telecom company and

I work in telecom company and we're using Discussion App quite often to manage our communication with clients - it gives comfort by taking badmouthing clients' complaints off the Wall. Without it we'll have our Wall full of inconvinient discussions.
We need something instead really bad Sad

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I agree, Discussion Boards

I agree, Discussion Boards were already useful also to filter / clean / organize a page, while the wall is going to be full of comments and will start to be unreadable for really popular pages... Well, it's Facebook decision, so it's hard to argue against them...

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There is also this

There is also this alternative Discussions board: Forum for pages.

The best thing is that it lets you export-import all the Discussions from the soon deprecated Discussions tab.

Enjoy Smile

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Nice catch, that's a perfect

Nice catch, that's a perfect tool for migrating former Discussion Boards app content.

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know this everyone and keep

know this everyone and keep in mind

i think when the creators of facebook created the site that they probably didnt know that it created many problems for the youth social skills coping skills and all that stuff considering the fact that kids instead of coping with the problems with there life they are knowingly taking it out by writing comments or "what am i thinking" well some or most take it seriously they dont cope with it in reality so justifying that they aknowledge the attention seeking is helping them in actual reality they arnt helping themselves by seeking attention on facebook by telling there problems in there life on there page and having attention givers feed the fiend for attention in reality they should be seeing a councelor or somebody to give them help but this doesnt apply to all but i consider it a threat to the next generations and this generation of youth


To be honest, I don't think

To be honest, I don't think Zuckerberg and friends have a real deep concern for these "issues". The Facebook team has created a product that now dominated the social eco-system from age 10 on. Seriously, how many people do you know, who live in a reasonably urban area, that don't have a Facebook page? How many of your favorite brands don't advertise their Facebook page on flyers, magazines, or even on the box? It's not Facebook's job to solve issues in the the social well being of children, but rather give them the opportunity to enhance it.


I completely forgot this

I completely forgot this feature had even existed, to be honest. I don't know many people who used Facebook's "message boards" - if you could call them that.


I liked facebook so much

I liked facebook so much better when i that the discussion board tab.How could a group of people have a proper and decent discussion with spammers constantly interrupted the flow of conversation?In what way is it "better" that the discussion tab is removed for more effective communication?It's so lame!!! I wish they would bring back the good ole db:( Sad(

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